Jacobus Consulting Hot Topic Web Graphics

In Jacobus Consulting's web redesign, "Hot Topics" graphic buttons were developed by designing a standard template and then utilizing and developing different graphics to go with the associated message.

Mereo LLC Website Graphic Development

Mereo LLC desired to make their home page of their website more compelling both visually and in the use of statistics relevant to their business and client target area. Using study data, graphics were developed for a javascript plugin inserted to the home page to display the images and data dynamically. See it live at


HarperCollins Book Web Advertising

These were created for running advertising campaigns on sites such as, Shelf Awareness, PNBA Booksellers, and more. The aim is to create potential reader interest and direct traffic to a clicked-through website for giveaways, excerpts, and more. 


Facebook Book and Author Branding

As part of social media marketing efforts, HarperCollins brands their imprint and book/author pages with custom design for the title or imprint. This creates further publicity of releases, as well as giving a direct click-through opportunity for Facebook users to pre-order or order books. Some pages also include excerpts, giveaways, and more.