Advertising & Email Marketing

About the client:

Harper Perennial is one of the paperback imprints of industry-leading book publisher HarperCollins. They publish classics, fiction and non-fiction reprints and have their own line of highly-praised and sold paperback originals.


Booksellers, librarians, and publishing professionals who influence the visibility and sales of imprint titles and lists.


  • Issue was distributed to 32,000 subscribers.
  • Generated and sustained excitement and awareness in the 50th anniversary campaign and dedicated editions.
  • Preserved and furthered the innovative Perennial imprint brand.



  • Designate ad placement opportunities in booked dedicated Shelf Awareness digital newsletter issue.
  • Identify content for issue (Legacy Editions, Olive Editions, Reprints, Sweepstakes, and Social Media Channels) and design for cohesive whole.
  • Visually support other 50th Anniversary campaign material designed by Milan Bozic such as book risers, webpage, and more.


  • Review past dedicated Shelf Awareness issues for effectiveness and strategy.
  • Designate color palette and typography sets for cohesiveness.
  • Use existing designs for type of content and 50th anniversary campaign to guide design schema.
  • Design complementary ads while distinguishing each type of content.
  • Create dummy layouts and mockups to test flow of ads in relation to newsletter content prior to final publication.

What the Client Says:

Elise has impeccable taste and is a true problem-solver, which made her the perfect designer to take on this project. Elise’s task was to design 8 digital ads that not only formed a cohesive unit, but promoted two different lines of books and the imprint as whole. Elise approached the project with organization and creativity, while never losing sense of its scope and goals. She instantly understood the aesthetic of the campaign, incorporating the designs of our 50th anniversary publications, while playing with their look to design ads that were complementary but still felt fresh and new. We saw great results from this campaign, with several booksellers and colleagues writing to us about the e-blast, as well as sustained interest in our 50th anniversary publications, especially our line of Olive Editions. I’d recommend Elise wholeheartedly. I’ve worked with her on digital and print advertising for over 3 years, and she is the definition of easy to work with - personable, timely, and creative. She just gets it, and consistently makes my job easier!
— Mary Sasso, Sr. Marketing Manager, Harper Perennial and Harper Paperbacks

View the archived issue here.