Identity & Brand Extension

About the client:

ideas42 is a social enterprise that uses behavioral science to design scalable solutions that seek to do good. They do this through educating leaders, policy makers, and practitioners on how to meet their goals, assisting institutions to improve the effectiveness of their programs, and designing low-cost and scalable interventions in new solutions for the world—all through using behavioral insights.

Images below are selected pages from of 35 page report. View full report here.


Decision makers, researchers, policy designers, and those who have opportunity/influence to affect the greater good through their programs, interventions, organizations, and policies. 


Reports are distributed worldwide in digital and print versions, expanding the reach of the innovative research and processes ideas42 optimizes and releases to the world. Briefs and memos serve as official communication to prospective partners, often national organizations, and the design establishes visual credibility behind their propositions. 

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  • Design to serve overarching goal of design affecting behavioral outcomes.
  • Establish credibility through visual appearance and strategic hierarchy of all content using behavioral principles.
  • Develop and extend brand standards to carry throughout pieces distributed both internally and externally.
  • Create flexible system for multiple types of applications while preserving brand integrity.


  • Identify existing core visual aspects of brand (color, typography, imagery, expression).
  • Research and understand behavioral insights and how they affect design.
  • Develop hierarchy of material types and define type of communication method.
  • Redesign existing materials to comply with developed brand expression guidelines.
  • Refine and expand from existing materials to new applications.
Before working with Elise, we struggled to get to the level we were aiming for, and now our corporate materials are on a whole new level of visually striking and professional. She very quickly understood us as an organization, and that is invaluable. Elise knows how to translate vague steers into exactly what we are looking for. Her work is so creative while striking the balance we are seek between “playful” and “authoritative” with our work at ideas42. Having one designer take on all of our work means she is constantly thinking about how everything fits together, and has been instrumental in our having a unified brand. During our time working together, Elise has truly become an indispensable member of our team. She is not only a gifted designer, but can help lead brands and organizations in the right direction with strategic decisions.
— Mitra Salasel, Senior Communications Associate, Ideas42