Website Design & Content Management

About the client:

Inked Voices is a SaaS platform that offers writing groups a private means to exchange manuscripts, discussion and critique. They also provide resources for the site-wide community through a forum, webinars, professional groups and lectures, and an app to track word count and progress towards writing goals.


  • Identify and expand style sets and visual expression on beta site in conjunction with founder.
  • Refine design and UX on existing pages with developer team.
  • Develop new pages informed from refined existing pages through wireframing and concepting sessions.
  • Design full mockups that can be translated easily to code by developers.
  • Review pages once live for any needed tweaks.
  • Evaluate site as a whole periodically for cohesion, function, and effectiveness.


Since the 2014 launch from beta, the site has grown to include multiple features and resources with steady growth in users. The developed brand expression schema continues to be flexible to adapt to new interfaces while preserving the integrity of Inked Voice's visual identity.


Writers, from novice to professional, as well as teachers and facilitators of writing.


  • Develop and extend the visual brand expression of Inked Voices through definition of style sets, visual imagery, and UX elements.
  • Apply brand expression across all pages and interfaces, ensuring consistency as the site grows.
  • Consider user interaction and experience at all times.
  • Focus on design best practices for web.
  • Refine interfaces and design sets over time as user feedback is given.


What the Client Says:

Elise is a pleasure to work with, as she is respectful of my vision for the look and feel for Inked Voices, but also willing to disagree with my ideas— one of the most important things I look for. I know that when I bring something to Elise, it may change, but it will do so for the better. She is creative, but firmly grounded in her design training. As a result, she’s always thinking beyond a single project, to how that project fits into our overall design and brand personality. I’ve learned a good deal about the design process from working with her. Elise is also extremely professional in her communications and project management. She is well-prepared when we meet, asks questions if she has them, and meets deadlines. Working with her, I know my projects are in good hands.
— Brooke McIntyre, Founder of Inked Voices