Advertising & Email Marketing

About the client:

Jacobus Consulting is a nationwide healthcare consulting services firm that partners with providers to continuously improve care and quality, optimize operational efficiency, and improve financial performance. Jacobus works with care providers from small local hospitals to nationwide healthcare leaders.


Hospital directors, care providers, and coders.


  • Use Jacobus brand standards and relevant imagery to create an “Armageddon” style campaign to cut through clutter of sterile medical articles.
  • Create target-focused imagery by incorporating medical codes and cash collection.
  • Adapt and optimize imagery for social media channel distribution.
  • Design and optimize email campaign sent to audience.
  • Create and manage landing page for campaign with lead harvesting tools.
  • Highlight content and invitation to engage through weekly Twitter chats that addressed ICD-10 proactivity and concerns before, during, and after implementation.
  • Tie all materials back to campaign hashtag #Icd10aftermath where all discussions are archived.



  • Leverage imminent launch of ICD-10 in the medical industry as an opportunity to connect Jacobus thought leadership with client base.
  • Tailor campaign to showcase relevant content and serve as a lead-generation tool.
  • Create digital campaign with compelling imagery and messaging to cut through the ICD-10 content clutter.
  • Optimize all media for crossover opportunities to engage and retain audience.


Jacobus led their industry with the first-ever campaign built around the ICD-10 aftermath. With the clutter-cutting imagery and their custom hashtag, they began a movement.

  • Followers and industry thought leaders joined the conversation on Twitter using the custom hashtag #ICD10aftermath.
  • Followers shared summaries of our thought leadership with their base, igniting a dialogue and organically spreading awareness of the brand.
  • The visibility of the page and campaign yielded page views nearly 10x other similar campaigns and leads generated as a result.
  • The landing page itself ranked in the top 10 in Google search results for the topic.
  • Graphics and page were able to serve ongoing multiple chats.

What the Client Says:

We are 100% confident in your ability to deliver quality design and creatives that speak to exactly what we are envisioning.  We received a ton of compliments on the Twitter takeover logos, both internally and from external influencers. Your ability to quickly take what we envisioned and described with scraps of examples we provided and translate it into a visual that catches the attention of our intended audience was incredible. We didn't have to go through too many iterations before we got to the final imagery, and that saved us a lot of time, money, and gave us the ability to deliver the campaign in a timely manner to our audience. Additionally, your understanding of our goals allowed you to suggest improvements to our campaign, specifically in terms of SEO and landing page material.
—Mona Desai, Director of Marketing