IndieNext Book Shelftalkers

As part of American Bookseller's Association's efforts to highlight the contributions of independent booksellers to the American reading market, they have a program in place called "The Indie Next List." This is a list compiled of book recommendations made in the month of the book going on sale by independent booksellers to help "discover the next great read."  Based on a standard template, these shelftalkers are designed to complement the book as well as be able to stand alone, depending on the three display options.

Chosen People Ministries Freedom Brochure

During the late summer, Chosen People Ministries hosts people from nationwide in NYC that believe in and wish to join in sharing the faith and mission of Chosen People. Over that two-week period, various materials are handed out, including this brochure designed with the new World Trade Center tower (Freedom Tower) as the metaphor for the message of spiritual freedom they are presenting. Using historical references of the United States Founding fathers as well as Biblical references, the piece uses a worn paper texture as its base along with a quill-pen like typography for emphasis. Yet, as the Freedom tower is modern, a clean, modern typeface is used along with current photographs of the skyline and crisp shapes, marrying the two concepts together. The initial print and distribution was 35,000 copies and a reprint is planned.


Jacobus Offering Area Spec Sheets

Jacobus Consulting offers many services in several key areas. To better educate prospective clients on what they have to offer and why it is relevant to them, they need a series of one or two page spec sheets in a standard format. Using their offering area icons, the content is visually organized into their main service areas. 


TurnKey Solutions Data Sheets

TurnKey Solutions uses data sheets as part of their marketing efforts to showcase their product offerings. There was a need to develop a standard template for these that could also be versatile to group and customize per offering area of products.