Publication Design & Marketing Materials 

About the client:

Mereo works with companies whose go-to-market initiatives are underperforming in driving sustainable revenue growth. Over 100 market leaders have unleashed higher revenue performance through Mereo’s revenue performance services.


Clients include industry leaders such as Ariba, Pitney Bowes, Accel-Kkr, Harte Hanks, SAP, Miller Heiman, Ace Hardware, Bazaarvoice, Providence Equity, E2open, Microsoft, Appirio, Oki Data, Centurylong And Oracle.


  • Develop a secondary color palette to add to existing brand standards as well as for creation of new materials.
  • Review existing materials (first version of website, powerpoint template, graphics, etc...) to strategize improvements.
  • Align materials with the current corporate trends of flat design and use of strong text and color hierarchy.
  • Design iterations of projects using visual brand expression cues and design best practices.
  • Refine and revise with client input towards eventual distribution. 


  • Generate leads through an annual Revenue Insights report and ebooks with tailored solutions.
  • Validate and lend credibility to Mereo approach by aiding clients in revenue optimization and sustainability.
  • Visually express Mereo’s methodology in sales and training sessions for greater client retention.
  • Showcase Mereo's brand across all brand content.
  • Create Mereo’s visual language for corporate clients that also supports Mereo’s own philosophy to their clients: seek to serve not to sell.
  • Craft visual language to be highly engaging, legible, and flexible.
As a professional services firm, it is easy for the brand to be 100% about the professionals delivering the services. For Mereo, we wanted to also bring the value of the firm out in our marketing and sales. Elise has been instrumental in delivering on that vision! Ultimately, that has enabled Mereo to deliver a more powerful value proposition to our clients. Why? Because she has an uncanny talent for capturing the essence of words and concepts in visuals that tell the story. An added wrinkle in Mereo’s partnership with Elise is the geographic distance — we are across the country from one another. Thanks to Elise’s professionalism, we didn’t just make the distance work, we made it work well.
— Jay Mitchell, President, Mereo LLC


  • Visual brand was extended and made adaptable for a wide variety of marketing and company needs.
  • Robust graphic library developed to be used across collateral, presentations, website, and more. 
  • Lead generation effective from first e-book download, and plans have been made for future e-books.
  • Thought-leadership displayed through compelling strategic design of annual Revenue Performance Growth Index reports distributed to client base and related industries at large.