Optimist Club Visual Branding

What does your club represent to your community?

You’re a proud member of your local Optimist club. You understand the value of what you’re participating in and the good you’re doing in the community, as you seek to leave a lasting legacy of good. However, when you invite potential new members to a meeting, there’s a degree of interest, but they aren’t completely buying into what you’re all about. Why? They can see the good that you do, but it just seems a little outdated for them, as if the club is for the previous generation, not their own. As a result, membership growth is stagnant and you seem to continue to operate in your own bubble—understood from the inside, but misunderstood from the outside. Take for instance, those felt banners of yours - they have been around for quite a while, haven’t they? And, what else do you use to market your club? In what you market, are you interesting and relevant?

In your ideal world, your club would be thriving out in your community.

As people see your efforts, they would be increasingly interested to join an organization that seeks to do good—and they would want to join yours, because you’re clearly in touch with today’s world.

So, what are people saying about your club when you aren’t in the room?

The long running success of Optimist International depends on the vitality and growth of its local members and clubs. While the values of the parent organization are not to be forsaken, the reality is that individual clubs need to communicate their own unique attributes, while speaking the language of the community around them that they seek to serve. This means a willingness to build and improve on long-standing methods of being known as an Optimist club. A key way to target this is by “visually branding"  your individual club to effectively communicate to the outside world.

How do we do that?

  1. Do an assessment of your club and its values to pinpoint how you are unique and can differentiate yourself.
  2. Then, translate that to a design of a club logo that can then be applied to new modern banners, name tags, pins, website, and more. 

Showcase your club: start your club’s visual branding process today.

But you're probably thinking...

That seems like a big task and a lot of work. I’m not sure how we’d find someone to do it. I don’t think our club is up for taking care of all the things that come with it.

It is a big task—if you tackle it alone without the help of a professional designer who understands both Optimist International at large and the value of each individual club. But if you work with me who provides a turn-key service for doing so (including the production of the materials you would need as a result), it can be a simpler process—even enjoyable!


I don’t know if we can even get our club to agree on the cost of implementing it. It sounds like it could get expensive really quickly, and difficult to manage the ongoing costs.

Unknown numbers can be scary, especially if members haven’t done a process like this before. Therefore, you can have peace of mind by purchasing a package with a flat cost. This enables you to present outright the cost and what you will receive to your members and board of directors for approval.




Why do we need to change? Wouldn’t Optimist International tell us to do so, or have provided us with updated things if we are supposed to? And if we do change our image, will they be okay with it?

It may help to think of it less as change and more as improvement. Your club is more unique than the generic Optimist International given materials and overarching brand. You have made it to be so! By visually defining who you are and communicating that to the public, you reinforce the very values of Optimist International: Members work each day to make the future brighter by bringing out the best in children, in their communities, and in themselves. All visual branding can be done in respect to and conjunction with the international organization without segregating yourself from it entirely.

The first club I worked with was brave enough to try and has been astounded by the outcome:

“Our club is a mix of generations—some that have been around for a long time, and others who are brand new. Our membership growth was flat, and we watched other clubs in our city wither and die because they weren’t attracting new members. We didn’t want that to be our fate and knew we needed to do something different—somehow make ourselves seem relevant and attractive. We realized our felt banners, logo, and website weren’t helping us, and in fact—may have been hurting us, so that’s where we started. We looked for professional help and found a designer willing to pilot the process with us. While the cost investment was significant enough to a club like ours, the results are worth it. Everyone comments on our new logo and modern banners, nametags, and pins, with excitement and perhaps a bit of envy. We’ve seen a much higher engagement with the community when we display and communicate with our new visual brand—so much so that we’re seeing people copy us outright because they want our results for themselves! (Please don’t do that). Even our members who were resistant to do something different have fully bought in. We love knowing and showing who we are as an unique Optimist club.”

—Academy Optimist Club, Colorado Springs, CO

Elise Grinstead

Elise Grinstead

Why work with me and not another designer?

You could find a professional designer in your community that can help you take this on. But do they have invested experience with Optimist International and have worked closely with another club to execute a visual branding of a club? And, would they be able to save you the headaches of the time and cost involved and all the effort needed to get things produced with your new visual brand? As a result of my engagement with the Academy Optimist Club, I have systemized this process to make it turn-key for your club. You’ll get the benefit of a professional designer with a defined package that seamlessly and cost-effectively delivers what you need to execute your club’s own brand.

Cards to pass out with your new logo with contact information for people to  join you

Cards to pass out with your new logo with contact information for people to  join you

Example of nametag

Example of nametag

Example of branded creed banner

Example of branded creed banner

Capture and showcase the uniqueness of your club. Start your visual branding process today.
You’ll be glad you did!

Basic Platform

  • Interactive questionnaire for your club to define what makes it unique
  • Logo design that reflects your uniqueness1
  • Final logo in various file formats
  • Guidebook of how to use your logo and visual brand


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The Risk Free Guarantee
If you are not happy with your three logo options, you can cancel your purchase at that time and receive your money back.

Starter Kit

  • Interactive questionnaire for your club to define its unique differentiating factors
  • Logo design that reflects your uniqueness1
  • Final logo in various file formats
  • Guidebook of how to use your logo and visual brand
  • One Club Banner Design produced on a retractable vinyl banner3
  • Reusable Name Tags (qty of 25)2


Add-ons (a package must be purchased):

  • Additional name tags with initial order of 25: $5.00 apiece
  • Additional lapel pins with initial order of 25:
    $5.00 apiece
  • Retractable banner design (either club or creed): $200.00 each
  • 500 designed business cards with your logo & club meeting time and club information (not member information): $75.00

Comprehensive Kit

  • Interactive questionnaire for your club to define its unique differentiating factors
  • Logo design that reflects your uniqueness1
  • File package of final logo in various file formats
  • Guidebook of how to use your logo and visual brand
  • One Club Banner Design produced on a retractable banner3
  • Reusable Name Tags with your logo (qty of 25)2
  • Lapel Pins with your logo (qty of 25)2
  • One Optimist Creed Banner Design (complementing your club banner) produced on a retractable banner3
  • 500 designed business cards with your logo and club meeting time and contact information


1 Three options will be given, one will be selected by customer
2 Minimum order is 25
3 One design produced, physical product warranties maintained by manufacturer

The first 5 clubs to purchase will receive

500 designed business cards for FREE ($75.00 value!)

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