Publication Design & Marketing Material Creation

Types of Projects: 
Printed catalogs and books, reports and data, proprietary graphics, and ebooks/digital downloads

With all of today’s content, you have a small window of opportunity to make a good first impression that leads to your audience engaging with your message. Visual design is the first step to capture their attention, carrying throughout the aim of keeping it, and finally, compelling them to do something with your content. Your content needs to not only “look good,” but establish credibility of who you are and connect to who they are.

Through analysis and discussion of your content, overarching message, and goal of engagement, we will work together to determine the best delivery method for your project. Then, I will work within your brand standards (or develop if you do not have) to design your piece through the use of carefully selected typography, layouts, color, imagery, psychology, and production standards to create drafts for your project. From there, we will collaborate to refine and bring your project to its completion—ready to deliver to your audience.


Types of Projects: 
Logo design, business card/stationery suite, signage/trade show booths, visual brand standards.

Your business’s visual identity is how your company is visually represented (think logos and business cards, to start). From there, you need to create and nurture your company’s personality—that is your brand. How are you speaking and relating to your audience? Are you relevant and exciting to them? All of your marketing and design efforts need to flow out of your identity and brand to keep your messaging consistent, retain credibility, and establish a connection with your audience.

Together, we’ll review your existing brand messaging and identity. From there, we’ll work together to evaluate what is working and what can be improved—whether that’s new designs, redesigns, analysis, or more. Getting your identity and brand right from this point forward will make the rest of your marketing and communication efforts much easier. Start making a great first impression by having all your communications work together consistently. 


Types of Projects: 
Social media and digital advertising, email marketing, landing pages, print advertising

In today’s digital world, there have never been more opportunities to advertise and market, and it is more challenging than ever to truly stand apart. Whether your aim is to drive sales, increase viewership and awareness, invite to exclusive content/events, or simply to nurture your connection, consistent advertising and/or email marketing should be part of your business’s voice to the world.

We will work together to develop and deliver a consistent marketing campaign.. We’ll integrate your business’s visual messaging across all media from email blasts to landing pages, and from social media blasts to print publications, ultimately ensuring your messaging is delivered in the right places to garner maximum exposure. Together, we’ll craft an integrated campaign that meets your audience where they already are.

Website Design
& Content Management

Types of Projects: 
Visual design of website pages and digital interfaces, design and management of website content through existing CMS systems

Where are we if we aren’t on the web? Websites serve as an ever increasing digital “face.” Your website is one of your best tools that works when you aren’t. How is your web presence serving the goals of your business? Is its appearance, content, and function furthering your brand and delivering value to your audience—and in turn, growing your business or visibility of your organization?

Together, we can assess your current web presence and how it can be optimized for today’s standards and to further your goals. We may revamp the appearance and user interface or tweak what you have. If you have a CMS-based website, you may need help designing, managing and publishing your content. Don’t neglect this valuable asset of yoursleverage and steward it well to aid your growth and create a consistent brand message.