Working with Elise really opened my eyes to the benefits of having a seriously talented, professional designer finish out our complex projects. We work on experimental design, and it's crucial to have output that reflects our identity as designers. Having one designer take on all of our work means she is constantly thinking about how everything fits together, and has been instrumental in our having a unified brand, which is a challenge since we do so many different things across different domains! Before working with Elise, we struggled to get to the level we were aiming for, and now our corporate materials, and our actual experiment designs, are on a whole new level of visually striking and professional. During our time working together, Elise has truly become an indispensable member of our team. She is not only a gifted designer, but can help lead brands and organizations in the right direction with strategic decisions.

—Mitra Salasel, Director of Communications at ideas42

I've worked with a number of designers in my career and Elise is the best by far. We worked with her on a recent project with multiple stakeholders and an extremely short timeline and were blown away by how good she was. She took full ownership over every aspect of the design, including coordinating with the printer over the holidays. When we knew what we wanted, she executed our ideas at a high level; when we had only rough ideas of how to proceed, her creativity guided us and resulted in a superior final design. And she earned our complete trust in the process. I can't wait to work with her again and I would recommend her to anyone looking for a designer who's an artist, a problem solver, and an energetic professional.

—Ethan Fletcher, Managing Director at ideas42

I’ve had the privilege of knowing Elise for 10+ years and have worked with her on the business front since starting my own venture. Elise brings the extraordinary values and qualities of her life to serving her clients — a strategic, disciplined craftsman (not just an artist) with creative insight and exceptional communications skills to bring it all together. Elise has tuned-in to our very needs at the time and has delivered tailored solutions to help us engage the intellect and emotions of our audiences over and over. Expect to have any expectations of a “traditional graphic designer” blown away when you work with Elise!

—Jay Mitchell, President & Founder at Mereo

Elise, through her firm Elisign Design, has done fabulous work for our consulting firm for a number of years now. She has provided a wide variety of design and graphics work for us across a variety of media channels - digital through traditional. All the while being extremely responsive, flexible, and yes...affordable. I wholeheartedly recommend her! 

—Bill Watson, Former SVP Sales & Marketing at Jacobus Consulting

Elise has impeccable taste and is a true problem-solver. I’d recommend Elise wholeheartedly. I’ve worked with her on digital and print advertising for over 3 years, and she is the definition of easy to work with - personable, timely, and creative. She just gets it, and consistently makes my job easier!

—Mary Sasso, Director of Marketing, Harper Perennial and Harper Paperbacks of HarperCollins Publishers

We are 100% confident in your ability to deliver quality design and creatives that speak to exactly what we are envisioning. We also found that you are truly a pleasure to work with. When working with you, we know we are going to get high quality customer service and high quality results. We also know that you are always thinking about the best interests of our business and thinking outside the box. You help us look at angles that we sometimes miss and add value to us in ways we don't even anticipate. We know you take care of us, and we trust you. For all the reasons above, we couldn't imagine a more wonderful person to work with who knows her work well and makes our lives easier.

—Mona Desai, Former Sr. Director of Marketing at Jacobus Consulting

I wanted to start a photography website, but I didn't know how to do it. Moreover, I didn't have a clear sense of how the finished website should look. Elise saved me. She gave me a better website than I ever hoped for, and completed it on schedule, and at a very fair price. She was professional, cheery, full of great ideas, and easy to work with. Finally, she has helped me with little odds and ends after the website started up - things that she didn't have to do! I don't make a habit of writing recommendations or testimonials, but with Elise, I had to write one. Thank you so much!

Ken Jessen, owner at Ken Jessen Photography

I’ve worked with Elise both on a professional project and a personal project. In both cases, she has proved to be professional, talented, and thorough. She listens closely and provides a balanced amount of creative input when necessary. Her process made me take a closer look at the direction in which I was headed and she definitely captured the spirit of my product.

—Robert McClain, Sundial Media Group

I have worked with Elise on a contract basis. I am impressed with her real-world attitude and knowledge of design, as well as her up-to-date technical skills. Elise is efficient, pays close attention to detail, and has a creative style based on classic form, but with a fresh eye for current trends. I highly recommend Elise to anyone wanting to add creative energy to their team.

—Jeni Olsen, owner at Jeni Olsen Design