Visual Brand Audit

Brand ambiguity can make your visual marketing efforts ineffective—
costing you money and decreasing the ROI of everything you do.

Does your visual brand look tired compared to your competitors? Is your brand collateral outdated and no longer accurately reflects what you do? Or, is your visual brand fractured and has lost its center, with your visual marketing no longer closely reflecting your brand platform?

It doesn’t have to be this way. When you first developed your brand platform, you likely embraced it for its potential to showcase your company in a way that is professional without being stuffy, and creative without being chaotic.

That is still your dream today.

But as time went on and business development needs increased, focus was put on simply generating content rather than additionally taking the extra mile to steward your brand well through every piece of visual content you put forth in the marketplace. All is not lost, however. You can increase your ability to attract and retain new business through your visual marketing by getting back to the heart of what your visual brand should showcase. As a result, once again, your visual brand platform will work for your business, not against it.

Your brand is what people say about your business when you aren’t in the room.

 So, how do you diagnose where things were fractured and where your brand has visually strayed? By engaging in a visual brand audit by a trained design professional who will work with you to analyze, assess, address, and align your path forward back to how your brand should visually communicate.

You will receive:

  • Five-page analysis of existing brand
  • Three-page proposal of suggested improvements/implementations
  • Proposed revised style guide (add-on)

A visual brand audit involves:

  • A questionnaire for you to fill out of your challenges/goals
  • An evaluation of 3-5 existing materials
  • An evaluation of web presence and email marketing
  • An evaluation of existing style guide, if you have one

Through the above, you will receive clear, actionable steps on how to protect your brand investment through your visual marketing efforts. 

Example  of clearly defined visual brand standards

Example  of clearly defined visual brand standards

Example of guidelines proposed with actionable steps

Example of guidelines proposed with actionable steps

Are you ready to get back to the clear path from which your entire team can effectively communicate your brand visually? Start today by engaging in a visual brand audit, and ensure everyone starts their work from the same defined place.

The goals for this started yesterday—every single piece of business communication you continue to put out has a certain degree of brand potency. Do you know how much?  What are your reasons for putting off such an analysis?

We seem to have a good reputation, and our marketing doesn’t seem to not be working. Why do we need to spend the time and money on a visual brand audit?

That may be true—but like a performance review between you and your employees, it’s always valuable to take the time on a regular interval to make sure that your brand is communicating as it should be. Sometimes we get caught up in the pace of producing material that we lose sight of the framework it should come from. Regardless of where your business is at, it will always help to have an outside perspective on what may be working and what isn’t—and as a result, have an analysis generated with easily actionable strategy geared to continue to improve your visual brand communications.

I'm just not sure this is for me and my business, or how we will use it going forward.

Generally, we all want tools and resources that will help our business run smoother and be more effective. We all know specific feedback about what we are personally doing is much more helpful than generic.  Marketing is no exception to that rule. Think of the visual brand audit as a personalized toolkit and quick reference guide that helps you understand what you are currently communicating, how it corresponds to your visual brand, and then how you can improve the visual communication of your brand in the future. 



How will this have a financial impact on my business?

Every piece of marketing you produce has a time and cost investment on your part. Every business wants to maximize their investment on such. If what you are producing is ineffective because of a watered-down or missing-in-action visual brand, you’re crippling your marketing before it even reaches your audience, and are either losing money or diminishing your profit margins on your efforts.

If you're doubtful about what this can do for your business... can read the below testimonials from clients who have seen first-hand the impact this kind of engagement brought them.

Having one designer analyze how everything fits together has been instrumental in our having a unified brand, which is a challenge since we do so many different things across different domains! Before working with Elise, we struggled to get to the level we were aiming for, and now our corporate materials are on a whole new level of visually striking and professional. Elise led our brand and organization in the right direction with strategic input leading to informed decisions.

—Mitra Salasel  at ideas42

“For Mereo, we needed to bring the value of the firm out in our marketing and sales by unifying our brand and developing it further. Elise has been instrumental in delivering on that vision through her analysis and development of our brand framework, ultimately enabling Mereo to deliver a more powerful value proposition to our clients.

—Jay Mitchell, President & Founder at Mereo

Elise knows the value of companies having a consistent visual brand. As a result, she’s always thinking beyond a single project, to how that project fits into our overall design and brand personality, and this would not be possible without the visual brand framework she developed for us.

—Brooke McIntyre, Founder, Inked Voices

Elise Grinstead

Elise Grinstead

Why work with me?

Clients across the country have come to me with either very little or jumbled materials that lack a clearly defined visual brand. Unlike many designers, I first address visual brand standards to inform design choices before design ever begins. Time and time again has proved that when we analyze, assess, and utilize the aims of the visual brand first, all of the resulting materials start working for the client rather than against them—strengthening their reputation and stewarding well their visibility because they showcase a strong and unified brand.

Don’t wait any longer to audit your visual brand. Start seeing gains in the reach of your communications now rather than continue to wonder why your marketing efforts are still producing lackluster results.

We will start by:

  • Providing a questionnaire for you to fill out that lists your challenges and goals
  • Evaluating 3-5 of your key existing marketing materials that you provide
  • Evaluating your web presence and email marketing
  • Evaluating your existing style guide, if you have one


  • A five-page analysis of existing brand
  • A three-page proposal of suggested improvements/implementations
  • [Add-on] Proposed revised style guide

You will receive your deliverable in a beautiful, concise printed booklet (10 copies), as well as in a PDF format.


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