Publication Design & Marketing Material Creation

About the client:

Jacobus Consulting is a nationwide healthcare consulting services firm that partners with providers to continuously improve care and quality, optimize operational efficiency, and improve financial performance. They work with care providers from small local hospitals to nationwide healthcare leaders.


Epic care providers and hospital change management.


  • Use Jacobus brand standards with typography, color, and imagery to create a flexible design format.
  • Analyze text to develop hierarchy of information and identify opportunities for callouts of compelling facts or action steps for the reader.
  • Design associated visuals (graphs, charts) for variety and communication of key points.
  • Ensure consistency throughout publication before finalization.
  • Optimize files for ease of online viewing/download and print.


  • Showcase Epic Connect thought-leadership within Jacobus organization.
  • Demonstrate service capabilities through content marketing that serves as a lead-generation tool.
  • Design visually compelling packaging of content with clear hierarchy for ease of information retention.
  • Create flexible format for future content marketing.


With this piece as Jacobus' first foray into content marketing, promising leads were created through the placement of this resource on their website with a lead-generation form required for download. This was also shared with their client base to deepen credibility for engaging the firm for Epic Connect Consulting services.

We always look to Elise for our marketing design needs, regardless what they may be—and they are vast. We trust her to take care of our brand and develop it well. In the instance of this project, we took our first foray into content marketing and were starting from scratch. Elise was able to work with our team to identify and generate the appropriate content needed, think about content strategy and determine how we could repackage and repurpose the content for publication in different formats and channels, and foremost, design a compelling design that clearly communicated the message we needed to share. We received many compliments on it and it set the course for a new level of marketing for our firm: producing content and design that is of value and compelling to our audience, rather than the old and static ways of shouting about ourselves to an empty room.
— Bill Watson, SVP of Sales & Marketing, Jacobus Consulting